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Course: Our clubroom had recently been used for a child welfare course.
Netball: Nice and Cosy: Springfield has been booked between 6 Jan and 31 March 2013 for 13 weeks for our netball juniors. Photo: There will be a club photo shoot on the 22nd January 2013.
Co-Op: Every little helps. Our Co-Op share number is 311345. If you can use this, even if you are just buying the JEP, then the share amount in our account will soon mount up.
Minis Section: This popular section is once again full to capacity with tiny footballers

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Barbara Le Clercq - BBQ Le Tournoi Organiser
Joy Quant - BBQ Le Tournoi Organiser

Child Welfare: Thanks to Peter Gully and Paul Aubert for looking after this important area. In fact the Club is recognised as one of the best when it comes to CW and CRB issues. Two of our netball girls recently took Safeguard Children Workshops at Fort Regent and all CRB checks regarding our netball coaches are done through the Jersey Netball Association.

Autumn Le Tournoi at Les Quennevais:

The Le Tournoi organisers have been in touch to give a massive thanks for our club's support at this big charity fund raiser. Both the Sports Club's Barbara Le Clercq and Joy Quant had done a lot of hard work in organising the BBQ and made sure that the participants were well fed during the sucessful tournament.Well done girls!

Minis Festival Mini World Cup: No sooner does one competition finish the organising of the following years starts. The date for the MF is 20th April 2013 and the MWC takes place on the 25/26 & 27th of May 2013. Keeping the festivals fresh, the Club have decided to a slight change to the format of the MWC and this will be announced in due course. Watch this space.

Football Subscriptions: Subs paid to the Club are vitally important to its financial well being. So it is great news that just over a dozen footy players subs were oustanding as of November. Thanks to education and pro-active management, subs have never been more paid up. Great stuff.